Newsletter 01/29/2018

Last Monday, 81 Senators and 266 Representatives voted to reopen the government without providing relief for Dreamers. And we’re still baffled by the “bipartisan” “deal” struck by Republicans and (some) Democrats in the Senate – including our own Sherrod Brown –  that provides no guarantees or relief for Dreamers and their families.

Yes, this is a mess the Republicans started. But now, Democrats need to fight harder than ever to clean it up.

Democrats don’t control Congress, but their votes were needed to pass Republican spending bill. On January 19, they held strong by withholding their support for another short-term funding bill until Republicans came to fix the messes that they created. But just three days later, Democrats gave in, gave away their leverage, and voted to approve a short-term funding bill without protections for Dreamers.

The next continuing resolution (CR) runs out on February 8. Call Sherrod Brown at (216) 522-7272 today and every day this week to tell him to keep his word and stand up for the Dreamers. 

– IndivisibleCLE

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