Defund the NRA

Yesterday, the 30th mass shooting in 2018 in the United States took place in Parkland, Florida. A 19-year old with an AR-15 rifle and multiple magazines killed 17 people and injured at least 15 more.

Since his first run for office in 1993, Ohio Senator Rob Portman has received $3,061,941 from the NRA in donations or spending to benefit the candidate.

While he consistently offers his thoughts and prayers following mass shootings, he has never failed to deliver for the NRA. He voted NO on banning high-capacity magazines of over 10 bullets, voted to prohibit suing gunmakers and sellers for misuse, voted to decrease the gun waiting period from three days to one and has earned an A rating by the NRA.

Portman has made it clear that he represents the NRA, not the people of Ohio who are begging him to do something more than offer thoughts and prayers.

What can we do when our Senator is more committed to the NRA than his constituents and our need to feel safe in our communities?

Our power isn’t limited to just calling our Senators and Representatives or waiting to vote. If we want to defund our pro-gun politicians, we have to start by defunding the NRA.

We’ve been researching the benefits of NRA membership, one of which is hefty discounts from its many partner organizations.

Take a look at the list of official partner organizations below and pledge to never give these businesses your money as long as they partner with the NRA. Call them and tell them exactly why — tell them you will no longer rent their cars or stay in their hotels or use their services because you do not support the NRA. The links below will connect you directly to their contact information.Then post about it on their pages, tweet about it, write online reviews and share this list and encourage your friends to do so as well. We have the power to reduce their financial power, but only if we commit to acting on it and spreading the word. 

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